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Your Rant Here

While credit card company account holders are ranting all over the Internet, and on this site in the form of comments in response to various posts, the purpose of this page is to provide a place where we can collect ongoing rants and about the abuses of credit card companies, the lack of regulatory protection (or enforcement) that allows consumers and small businesses to be mistreated, and whatever else aggravates you in terms of the financial services industry, bail outs, the economy, challenges paying bills or selling homes, executives “living large” on your dime, and this whole tangled mess.

We know you are angry, but do keep in mind that creating a sound argument supported by facts is far more effective than simply cursing and screaming in print (remember that we are up against smooth-talking con-artists who get to lobby for the banking industry and “spin” their misinformation and excuses in the press because they sound articulate).

Your audience is a “court of public opinion.”   This site now has now gained the attention of journalists and others who represent major media organizations.  So let’s rant, but also “let’s roll.”  Instead of posting an endless stream of expletives, we have to beat these loan sharks and thugs who are running credit card companies (buying off Congress, influencing media) at their own game.  It’s time to end the era where account holders can be terrorized by credit card companies.  Explain why, here.