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SVP of Customer Service at Chase — “Please just transfer your accounts to another bank and leave me alone”?

I received a very unusual submission for moderation for the “Your Rant Here” section of the site (time stamped at 11:37.m. last night, October 24, 2009).  The email address given by the submitter was associated with Chase. The numerous grammatical mistakes (and end of the message) made me wonder if it was from a […]


What an Amazing Discovery: I Found a Banker With Brains and Scruples

Thanks to “M,” who contacted me directly with a referral to a great site, I made an amazing discovery this morning: There exists a banker with brains and scruples.  Such a sighting is extremely rare, as most of you who are regular readers already know.  Many of them have brains, don’t get me wrong, that’s […]


Chase to refund a charge that “is a finance charge,” but continues to coerce and defame 400,000 account holders

On March 27, 2009, a article by Marshall Eckblad announced partial good news for those of us who Chase “aimed at,” but I have some things to say because although I appreciate the small victory, we’re “not done yet.”  Unfortunately, this will be a “Long Kiss Goodnight.”  We must continue to refute a defamatory portrayal […]