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I guess you’ll get involved once you’ve “lost your backpack and lunch money,” one too many times.

If you want to know why we are experiencing an all-out assault on the part of banks in the form of abuses with respect to credit cards, CNBC’s production, “House of Cards,” provides an excellent introduction to this subject, at least partially (greed).  Wall Street, and its regulators, failed.  A period of exuberance, during which […]


“Legalized loan-sharking”: How much is too much?

I appreciate the comment by “M,” providing information about how the banks’ Congressional representatives voted on interest rate caps as provision of proposed C.A.R.D. Act legislation, which has now passed.   I was going to say “our” representatives, but judging by voting results, Congress doesn’t really seem genuinely interested in protecting the average American citizen from […]


Contracts written by credit card companies are bad faith agreements, which seems to be alright with anyone who is able to “pay cash.”

A September 14, 2009 article by Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post entitled “Debtor’s Revolt: Woman Refuses To Pay Off Bank Of America Credit Card (VIDEO),” features a customer, Ann Minch, who is finally “fed up.”  As per the article title, Ms. Minch is calling for a rejection of the credit card company’s tactic of […]