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I want to take my boy fishing, but I find I’m just wishing.

I have received some emails regarding the “Showdown in Chicago” project, and some of the items on the agenda of its organizers.  I have some comments about that. First, I did some Internet searches, and some are for, while others are critical of this organization.  Personally, I am not in favor of everything that this […]


I guess you’ll get involved once you’ve “lost your backpack and lunch money,” one too many times.

If you want to know why we are experiencing an all-out assault on the part of banks in the form of abuses with respect to credit cards, CNBC’s production, “House of Cards,” provides an excellent introduction to this subject, at least partially (greed).  Wall Street, and its regulators, failed.  A period of exuberance, during which […]


What an Amazing Discovery: I Found a Banker With Brains and Scruples

Thanks to “M,” who contacted me directly with a referral to a great site, I made an amazing discovery this morning: There exists a banker with brains and scruples.  Such a sighting is extremely rare, as most of you who are regular readers already know.  Many of them have brains, don’t get me wrong, that’s […]