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SVP of Customer Service at Chase — “Please just transfer your accounts to another bank and leave me alone”?

I received a very unusual submission for moderation for the “Your Rant Here” section of the site (time stamped at 11:37.m. last night, October 24, 2009).  The email address given by the submitter was associated with Chase. The numerous grammatical mistakes (and end of the message) made me wonder if it was from a […]


Would Thunderbird School of Global Management’s faculty sensibilities really support the actions of Chase Card Services?

NOTE: I started my work on this post yesterday, and was interrupted by the fact that I needed to embark upon my weekly 300 mile commute (each way), back to my home in Tennessee (we remain imprisoned by virtue of real estate).  Since it is now September 11, I’d like to insert that I hope we […]


Gearing up for new FED Rules — “is not going to be easy.”

In a comment from Barbara, she quoted the following statement attributed to Peter Garuccio, a spokesman for the American Bankers Association (ABA), originally taken from an article in the Washington Independent entitled, “Congress Delays Credit Card Reform“: “The changes will require card issuers to reprogram computers, retrain call-center employees, verify the legality of the new […]