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Apparently, any answer from Chase will do as far as the BBB (of Delaware) is concerned

This whole situation really is exasperating. Just this morning, I received a notice from the BBB in Delaware to the effect that my complaint against Chase has been “adequately resolved.” The BBB was apparently satisfied that Chase had made an attempt to work with me because it sent a letter offering me a 7.99% rate […]


Tired of Credit Card Company Abuse? Make Your Own Protest T-Shirt — Complete Kit With Templates. has just released a new product entitled, “Tired of Credit Card Company Abuse? Make Your Own T-Shirt — Complete Kit With Templates.”  While its creator, Dr. Robert Lahm, considers the work to be a parody, it contains a serious message, and was developed in protest as a result of his (and his family’s) battle with credit […]


Assurances given to account holders who are corresponding with Chase Executive Offices, even in writing, should not be trusted

This is an update to my ongoing discussions regarding the certified letter that I sent to Gordon Smith (Chase Card Services CEO) on December 3, 2008 — a day or so after I received the nasty little change in terms notice that was sent to me by Chase.  I received a letter from Chase Executive Offices […]