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SVP of Customer Service at Chase — “Please just transfer your accounts to another bank and leave me alone”?

I received a very unusual submission for moderation for the “Your Rant Here” section of the site (time stamped at 11:37.m. last night, October 24, 2009).  The email address given by the submitter was associated with Chase. The numerous grammatical mistakes (and end of the message) made me wonder if it was from a […]


Chase to spend $30,000,000 to launch new Sapphire Credit Card targeting Wealthy!

Eighteen months in the making, Chase is launching a new Sapphire credit card aimed at the wealthy. Apparently, Chase has squeezed enough cash out of the 1,250,000 non-wealthy customers who are victims of the “no opt out, unilateral, 150% increase in payment requirement or double your interest rate for one year” change in terms to […]


Keep Writing, Faxing, Calling, Visiting, Your Representatives in Congress

Change is coming.  Today, the House Financial Services Committee approved a credit-card “bill of rights” (H.R. 627), by a vote of 48-19.  What should bring hope to a lot of the readers here, is the fact that our Representatives are hearing us loud and clear.  From a Bloomberg article written today: “Lawmakers say they’re under increasing […]