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Peggy got in a nicely aimed and delivered “direct hit” regarding the lies that Chase told in their testimony before Congress.

Finally, Peggy got in a “direct hit” against Chase on national TV about the missing opt out for 400,000 customers, despite the testimony that Chase executives delivered before Congress.  As regular site visitors are aware, I have mentioned this “smoking gun” evidence of corruption and unethical behavior over and over again.  As I was composing […]


If banks don’t want the regulation, it must be good for consumers

If you’ve been following Congressional schedules, then you know that the House and the Senate are both involved with different versions of proposed credit card legislation.  Some people I know feel that additional regulation is not necessary, and moreover the whole process (and Congress) is rife with corruption.  I don’t necessarily disagree that corruption in […]


My response to ConsumerMan article about Chase: Maybe Chase’s “desire” is to attract customers who are capable of mind-reading?

I sent Herb Weisbaum (ConsumerMan) an email on December 25, 2008.  Although I did receive an auto-responder reply, I had all but given up hope that he would ever cover the “5% minimum payment, add a new ‘finance charge’” issue with Chase. However, one of this site’s visitors (who also was quoted) sent me this link to an […]