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If Chase did no wrong, why did it settle for $100 million dollars?

This site (operated by the Garden City Group, which provides legal administrative services) gives details about the Chase “minimum payment” lawsuit. For those who are interested, here is a direct link to the site’s Court Documents page.  I find Chase’s response in the “Chase’s Answer to Master Class Action Complaint” document most interesting, in that […]


Here is a list of pending class actions against Chase (not just the credit card issue — all kinds of them).

Yesterday evening, I received word from Class Advocate LLC, that they are tracking a list of pending class actions against Chase.  While the site is devoted to fighting abuses against consumers and small businesses by the credit card industry relative to its primary mission, we can’t help but notice that Chase is involved in […]


Chase class action lawsuit #14, filed by Green Welling LLP

Another class action lawsuit against Chase (#14) has been filed by Green Welling LLP: “PEGGY DURANT v. CHASE BANK USA, N.A. et al” (May 14, 2009).  I have been aware of this case as it has been developing, and I hope to post a link to the actual lawsuit (the link above, if you have […]