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I want to take my boy fishing, but I find I’m just wishing.

I have received some emails regarding the “Showdown in Chicago” project, and some of the items on the agenda of its organizers.  I have some comments about that. First, I did some Internet searches, and some are for, while others are critical of this organization.  Personally, I am not in favor of everything that this […]


Would Thunderbird School of Global Management’s faculty sensibilities really support the actions of Chase Card Services?

NOTE: I started my work on this post yesterday, and was interrupted by the fact that I needed to embark upon my weekly 300 mile commute (each way), back to my home in Tennessee (we remain imprisoned by virtue of real estate).  Since it is now September 11, I’d like to insert that I hope we […]


Chase to spend $30,000,000 to launch new Sapphire Credit Card targeting Wealthy!

Eighteen months in the making, Chase is launching a new Sapphire credit card aimed at the wealthy. Apparently, Chase has squeezed enough cash out of the 1,250,000 non-wealthy customers who are victims of the “no opt out, unilateral, 150% increase in payment requirement or double your interest rate for one year” change in terms to […]