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The rest of us, along with our children, and grandchildren, will pay, and pay, and pay.

This classified ad in the Smoky Mountain News (September 23-29, 2009, Vol, 11, Issue 17) caught my eye this morning (I have removed the phone number): Let’s see, if a “similar lot” was $70k “not more than 9 months ago,” but now worth $24,900 (assuming enough similarity to be considered a comparable in a real […]


Contracts written by credit card companies are bad faith agreements, which seems to be alright with anyone who is able to “pay cash.”

A September 14, 2009 article by Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post entitled “Debtor’s Revolt: Woman Refuses To Pay Off Bank Of America Credit Card (VIDEO),” features a customer, Ann Minch, who is finally “fed up.”  As per the article title, Ms. Minch is calling for a rejection of the credit card company’s tactic of […]


California Chase Branch Managers get lesson in freedom of speech — Motorists honk in support of protester!

According to a (March 30, 2009) Chase press release entitled, “Chase — California’s New Bank – Unveils Name, Octagon on 708 Bank Branches, 2,003 ATMs,” Chase California branches can be found in “324 cities in 44 counties formerly served by WaMu.” As you may recall (in connection with questions about exactly what Chase and other […]