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Here it is in a nutshell: I wish to provide tools to resist the unbridled abusiveness of the credit card industry.

I am convinced that this will not happen without a specific strategy, devised to leverage “pressure points” against a seemingly all-powerful foe.  In developing this site, I am in effect providing a  “Notice of Change in Terms” of my own, which is being sent to credit card companies (and anyone else, via the news media, RSS feeds, other recipients discussed below, and so forth).  Now, I can’t actually change any terms from a legal perspective, and if you read your contract, you can’t either (these contracts are not written to provide you with an even playing field — they are definitely tilted in favor of credit card companies).

That being said, you and I can change the terms under which we work with credit card companies from a consumer perspective.  Yes, that’s right, if you feel mistreated dear consumer, put up a fight!  Let credit card companies know that you are not going to sit around and be bludgeoned, without at least attempting to hit back, hard.


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