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I receive a lot of email and other correspondence.  I realize that some people do not want to discuss personal or financial matters such as their dealings with credit card companies on a public Website.  I don’t particularly care for telling my personal story on the Internet, either.  I have nothing to hide.  I have always paid my bills, faithfully and fully, but I’d rather not put all of my “laundry out” for the world to see.  I have taken that risk, and put my information out here, because this issue of credit card companies and their unfair and deceptive practices, which are absolutely in “bad faith,” have caused me and millions of others grief and misery to a degree that is no longer tolerable.  This is especially true when I and many others have done absolutely nothing wrong, or when only a tiny infraction occurred such as a payment being received a day late* (sent from an account holder who has paid on time for years and years — I have personally never been late).

If you are writing to convey your story, or to seek advice, I would ask you to consider “joining the cause” before deciding to contact me privately for a one-on-one exchange about issues, if they are probably being felt by a lot of people.  We all have our own individual stories, experiences, and concerns, but unfortunately, if everyone who has been affected by the unscrupulous actions of any particular credit card company or companies (and the industry at large) fails to band together, and fight — bringing this all before the public eye — the abuses will go on, and on (as they have for many years, thus far).

Therefore, would you mind posting what you have to say on the site, please?

The more content that’s on this site and other sites that is associated with people who are having a hard time dealing with the unfair tactics of credit card companies, the better.  Beyond this matter of grassroots activism and “spreading the word,” it’s also a matter of efficiency.  I’m engaged in advocacy here, but I have no support, no budget, and precious little time.  (I have a full-time job, and a lot of responsibilities such as academic publishing to attend to; I’ve been working continuously for some time, now; I work weekends, skip meals, and lose sleep.)

If you do have something that you feel is and should remain strictly between you, and me, use the contact form and I will reply to you as soon as I can.  Please include enough detail so that I know what you want to talk about, and more than one way for me to reach you (such as a phone number, email, mailing address and a URL, if you have your own site):

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* The game the credit card companies play is one of extremes — I have noted in my previous testimony that even the IRS bases its determination as to whether a taxpayer’s return is on time or not, is based on a post mark of when it was sent.  The “proof” is the postmark, and if were up to me making laws, I’d make credit card companies use that system (still not “foolproof,” because some have even go so far as to shred customers’ payment checks).


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