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My missing anniversary post

I have some catching up to do.  I missed my anniversary post, because I was busy at work, and getting to work (as I have been blocked by rock slides).  It looks like my long drive will continue through the spring semester.  Initial predictions of “a couple of weeks” to a “couple of months,” have […]


A new short film entitled, “Bank of Evil.”

They’ve done it again! Louis Roth and Margaret Conley, our friends at Binary Star Productions, Inc., have brought us a new short film entitled, “Bank of Evil.”  The film’s teaser text poses the question, “Are major banks behaving like Super Villain organizations from all those spy movies?” Please watch in full screen mode, and spread […]


Chase to spend $30,000,000 to launch new Sapphire Credit Card targeting Wealthy!

Eighteen months in the making, Chase is launching a new Sapphire credit card aimed at the wealthy. Apparently, Chase has squeezed enough cash out of the 1,250,000 non-wealthy customers who are victims of the “no opt out, unilateral, 150% increase in payment requirement or double your interest rate for one year” change in terms to […]