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Another abusive practice, targeting students; are higher education institutions “partners” or “pushers”?

Yet another example of banks doing what they do best: targeting segments of the population that can be more easily tricked and trapped by unfair practices.  According to an August 8, 2012 FDIC press release (partially titled “Unfair and Deceptive Practices”): “Among other things, the FDIC found that Higher One and The Bancorp Bank were: […]


Sign a petition against SunTrust’s new increased checking account balance requirement

A petition has been created on the site to protest SunTrust’s new increased checking account balance requirement.  Here is a direct link in case you’d like to sign-up/join in. While I mean no disrespect to the author of the petition letter, it does contain one sentence that I am afraid may fall upon deaf […]


I guess you’ll get involved once you’ve “lost your backpack and lunch money,” one too many times.

If you want to know why we are experiencing an all-out assault on the part of banks in the form of abuses with respect to credit cards, CNBC’s production, “House of Cards,” provides an excellent introduction to this subject, at least partially (greed).  Wall Street, and its regulators, failed.  A period of exuberance, during which […]