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SVP of Customer Service at Chase — “Please just transfer your accounts to another bank and leave me alone”?

I received a very unusual submission for moderation for the “Your Rant Here” section of the site (time stamped at 11:37.m. last night, October 24, 2009).  The email address given by the submitter was associated with Chase. The numerous grammatical mistakes (and end of the message) made me wonder if it was from a […]


I want to take my boy fishing, but I find I’m just wishing.

I have received some emails regarding the “Showdown in Chicago” project, and some of the items on the agenda of its organizers.  I have some comments about that. First, I did some Internet searches, and some are for, while others are critical of this organization.  Personally, I am not in favor of everything that this […]


It truly is time, for a “Showdown.” Wear your colors proudly (red, white, and blue).

I had a nice chat earlier today (“today” has now become yesterday — burning the midnight oil) with George Goehl, Executive Director, of NTIC/National People’s Action.  Quoting from a copy of his bio (which I found here, on another site): “George Goehl has been a community organizer, strategist, and trainer for 15 years, crafting national […]