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It could be a “wonderful life”

In some ways, a casual visitor to this site could skim post titles and navigate away with the overall impression having been made that this is just another “gripe site,” focused on banks’ bad behavior.  I would have to acknowledge that this critique would be fair, on the surface, at least. Nevertheless, what motivates me […]


Sign a petition against SunTrust’s new increased checking account balance requirement

A petition has been created on the site to protest SunTrust’s new increased checking account balance requirement.  Here is a direct link in case you’d like to sign-up/join in. While I mean no disrespect to the author of the petition letter, it does contain one sentence that I am afraid may fall upon deaf […]


What Chase did to these military families turns my stomach

My most recent posts were months and months ago. In them I explained that I have been busy meeting my ordinary obligations, teaching, commuting, and especially trying to catch-up on scholarly publishing. I never will be completely ahead of the game, but I have managed to receive acceptance letters for four peer reviewed scholarly journal […]