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Who Are We?

This page was originally titled, “Who am I?”  However, has made friends, serving as authors and others who are working “behind the scenes.”  As a result, the name of this page has been changed, to, “Who Are We?”

About “We”

“We” are a group of individuals who are committed to ending abusive treatment of customers by credit card issuers individually, and as an industry.  We believe that account holders should have a right to live without fear of whimsical and arbitrary change in terms notices that are sent, especially when they are obviously premeditated acts of deception on the part of credit card companies, involve trickery, or employ other tactics such as “bait and switch,” as a means to trap account holders who have been acting in good faith.  The credit card industry has been engaged in an unfettered and egregious series of “bad faith” practices, and this must end.  The laws are not on our side.  Overseers are only involved to the extent that they “process” our grievances, only to inform us that credit card companies can do as they please.  All roads lead to the OCC (e.g., the FED and FTC respond by forwarding consumer complaints to the OCC), but by virtue of its own position relative to an interest or ability to provide meaningful assistance to consumers, the OCC’s “bite” could be likened to that of a toothless dog: 

The OCC is an administrative agency and we do not have jurisdiction to resolve contractual and factual issues. We do not have judicial authority andcannot award damages in excess of a bank’s error.

This too, must end. 

Beyond following the “letter of the law,” should we live to see the day when regulators and lawmakers recognize that a prosperous economy requires a base of strong consumers, but for years, regular Americans like you, me, and “we,” have been under siege by credit card companies.  Beyond laws and enforcement, we want ethical behavior and fair treatment (too bad that the credit card industry can’t be trusted, and therefore we hold that it must be heavily regulated, as it has earned its own reputation through its own heavy-handed or under-handed treatment of customers).

About the founder of, Dr. Robert J. Lahm, Jr.

Here is a link to my “story” on yet another site that I am creating.  This other site is being developed to champion the cause of entrepreneurial bootstrappers (people who start a business from scratch, often from a kitchen table, garage or basement, with little or no capital):

The majority of all businesses are bootstrapped, and credit cards are one of the most frequently used sources of capital.

When I’m not busy fighting credit card company abuse, I do have a “day job” as an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship (which tends to make fighting credit card company abuse my “night job,” so between the two, I get to work all of the time).  Lately, there’s really been no time for weekends or formal religious services either, but I am certain that I’m not the one whose soul is at risk — dealing with credit card companies’ “change of terms” notices and the constant fear of what they will do to me and my family is already a “taste of hell” on earth.

Here’s a link to my testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Small Business entitled, “The Role of Credit Cards in Small Business Financing.

If you are really, very interested (is that you, visiting here, mom?), my professional site,, contains links to articles and presentations that I have delivered (directly or with co-authors), as well as other information about me.


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