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My missing anniversary post

I have some catching up to do.  I missed my anniversary post, because I was busy at work, and getting to work (as I have been blocked by rock slides).  It looks like my long drive will continue through the spring semester.  Initial predictions of “a couple of weeks” to a “couple of months,” have now been extended to “several months to complete.”

So what was my “anniversary post” to be?  It’s not like I forgot the anniversary itself.  It was the day I opened my mail and read in sickening disbelief the change in terms notice that Chase sent to me.  On December 3, 2008 I responded.

I won’t forget.

No matter how much advertising Chase can buy, thereby suppressing the truth about its unethical actions in the mainstream media, I won’t let Chase forget, either.

I have plenty to do at work right now (it’s final exam week).  However, rest assured that I’ve been “making my list and checking it twice,” and I know all too well that banks and their lobbyists  have been very, very naughty, and not at all nice.  The popular uproar continues, while the the back-room negotiations with “our” elected officials continue to feed “fat cat” bankers at the expense of small businesses, taxpayers, the economy, you, my family, and me.  I’ll have more to say on all of these things.