Rotating Header Image site poll finds 97% of respondents have experienced abusive treatment from a credit card company “for no reason” (meaning, the customer did not do anything wrong).

I have been watching the votes as they have come in on the site poll pertaining to whether or not credit card customers have been abused “for no reason.”  The other day, the number of total votes reached 1000.  I felt that this was a worthy milestone, and I took the opportunity to capture a screenshot; see below: Site Poll -- "Have you been abused by credit card company for no reason?"

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I had visions of immediately firing off a press release with some discussion, but I find myself a bit distracted by a matter that has arisen: another rock slide.  As regular readers know, I commute (because my house has not sold) from Tennessee to North Carolina, and back, each week to meet my employment obligations as an entrepreneurship professor.

As I mentioned in my post on October 25 (a few weeks ago), my drive got harder after a rock slide closed I-40 near the TN/NC border; it is predicted that this passage through the mountains will be blocked for months.  I subsequently found a new, more difficult, southern route around (through Chattanooga and then winding roads, including traveling through two national parks).  Well, evidently, Mother Nature doesn’t want me to use the alternate route either (a portion of which can be seen in the video below — it’s gorgeous, but a hard way to get to work):

This link provides more context than the YouTube video above: workers were already on site removing one large rock, and a news crew was filming that event when even more came down.

P.S. Don’t worry Chase, I’ll be able to make it to work so that I can finish paying you off.  You see, the rock slide only blocked my second alternate route; it didn’t kill me (although you probably wish it had because as long as I’m breathing and you have not met my demands, I’m STILL COMING AFTER YOU!).