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Posts from ‘November, 2009’ site poll finds 97% of respondents have experienced abusive treatment from a credit card company “for no reason” (meaning, the customer did not do anything wrong).

I have been watching the votes as they have come in on the site poll pertaining to whether or not credit card customers have been abused “for no reason.”  The other day, the number of total votes reached 1000.  I felt that this was a worthy milestone, and I took the opportunity to capture […]


A new short film entitled, “Bank of Evil.”

They’ve done it again! Louis Roth and Margaret Conley, our friends at Binary Star Productions, Inc., have brought us a new short film entitled, “Bank of Evil.”  The film’s teaser text poses the question, “Are major banks behaving like Super Villain organizations from all those spy movies?” Please watch in full screen mode, and spread […]