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Posts from ‘October, 2009’

I guess you’ll get involved once you’ve “lost your backpack and lunch money,” one too many times.

If you want to know why we are experiencing an all-out assault on the part of banks in the form of abuses with respect to credit cards, CNBC’s production, “House of Cards,” provides an excellent introduction to this subject, at least partially (greed).  Wall Street, and its regulators, failed.  A period of exuberance, during which […]

Share Launches New “Stink” Card to Warn Small Businesses is launching a new effort to warn consumers and small businesses that some credit card companies have been working hard to develop targeted advertising campaigns, especially those aimed at entrepreneurs.  These card companies are acting as though they have not been engaging in some of the egregious, abusive, and dangerous activities against cardholders since […]


Good luck with your marketing campaign, Chase: If the customer experience is anything like what we’ve been witnessing in astonishment and disgust lately, the “Ink” card will stink.

Thanks again to “M,” for bringing this to our attention: Chase has issued a news release entitled, “Chase Unveils New Marketing Campaign to Support Small Businesses.”  Unfortunately, after the way that Chase has systematically, callously, and heartlessly destroyed the dreams of approximately one million customers by mercilessly squeezing them through its onerous “2% minimum payment […]