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It truly is time, for a “Showdown.” Wear your colors proudly (red, white, and blue).

I had a nice chat earlier today (“today” has now become yesterday — burning the midnight oil) with George Goehl, Executive Director, of NTIC/National People’s Action.  Quoting from a copy of his bio (which I found here, on another site):

“George Goehl has been a community organizer, strategist, and trainer for 15 years, crafting national campaigns on affordable housing, predatory lending, and immigrant justice issues. George was the founding president of the Coalition of Low-Income and Homeless Citizens and the lead organizer of a campaign to win the first Housing Trust Fund in Indiana. He was the architect of a national campaign at NTIC to pressure the Department of Housing and Urban Development to stem the tide of rising FHA foreclosures and abandoned buildings and helped launch NTIC’s early work on predatory lending. In 2004, George worked as a field organizer for the Center for Community Change, focusing on immigration reform. In 2007 he went back to his roots and became the third Executive Director at NTIC in 35 years.”

Obviously, Mr. Goehl has been fighting for economic justice for a long time.  Presently, the site has endorsed an organizing effort against what I consider to be the “root of all evil” relative to what we’ve been experiencing in the economy: an industry that wants everything you’ve got, and control over your childrens’ dreams and lives, too.

This industry doesn’t want to be watched over or regulated.  It doesn’t want the CFPA (Consumer Financial Protection Agency), because it’s been happy with the arrangement thus far (doing as it pleases, completely unfettered by a moral compass or even common sense, as evidenced by the fact that its gambling and smugness brought nearly everyone but its executives to the very brink of economic destruction).

It’s not interested in fairness, unless that is defined as “we get it all, and you get nothing.”  It does not want YOU to enjoy ANY rights, or have any PROTECTION.  It wants this CFPA idea watered down, or better yet, deadNo state or local options means no safe havens for at least some consumers, but the same safe havens from which this industry has been free to operate for years, imposing usurious terms that are in effect legalized loan-sharking.

Yes, I’m talking about the ABA, the American Banker’s Association.

If you are a consumer, then you are as they say in prison, “the banks’ bitch” (I guess this is a PG-13 remark — I hear it on network TV), as far as the ABA is concerned: read this, about the efforts to block the CFPA on the “Save the American Dream” site (which is a campaign of National People’s Action, among others).

With the above as an introduction, I would also like to help the aforementioned “organizing effort” by suggesting that you express support for Mr. Goehl’s Showdown in Chicago” campaign.  Quoting from an email his organization sent to me:

“Americans are more frustrated than ever at big banks and Wall Street. As a result, people are signing up to act in a united front against bank lobbyists at the American Banker’s Association (ABA) convention on Oct 25-27.  We are ready for them. When bank executives land in the Windy City, they’ll be met by thousands of Americans from Wichita to Syracuse demanding big banks break their excessive appetite for greed and end their efforts to fight reforms that would protect us from their future abuses.”

Showdown in Chicago image

Showdown in Chicago image used by permission.

We are well on our way to becoming a nation of subservient slaves to banks, which control Congressional decision making through powerful lobbies, campaign donations, and by providing “perks” that ordinary people like most of us can only see from the ground (or below, in the mines where we may be toiling away for our masters): forget what citizen-consumers want.

Banks further control us through the FED, which claims it is better suited to regulate than a CFPA (yet the FED is not “Federal” and is “owned” by the very banks that it claims to be best qualified to regulate — “how convenient“!). 

Please click on the image above, and get involved, in any way that you can.

These bankers, through their association, need to know that — along the lines of picking a fight in a bar with one member of the Hells Angels — to attack one consumer, is to attack every consumer.  Banks have held the strategic advantage because they can “pick off” single individuals.  Only in the collective, banded together, can borrowers have a chance of leveling the playing field against these monolithic institutions and the representatives in government who allow them to exact such abuses against ordinary citizens as we have been witnessing.

It truly is time, for a “Showdown.”  Wear your colors proudly (red, white, and blue), and tell the American Banker’s Association that they’ve picked a fight on the wrong turf: “This is our country ABA, and you’re through owning me.”

NOTE: I found that writing the image caption, “Americans versus the American Banker’s Association” was both ironic, and sad.  The irony is that I am not against the industry.  We need a strong banking system.  I am merely against the abuses of those who have perverted the system without any code of honor whatsoever, except to themselves.