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“50 Ways to Leave Your Chase Banker”

This post started because I was responding to “Steve,” who posed a question below my announcement about an updated protest flyer (which I have quoted here):

“I would print out flyers and leave them outside a chase bank near me, but am afraid of hidden cameras. do they have any recourse?” 

The updated flyer arose after “FightChase” contacted me and sent a copy of his original version (one that he was passing out to Chase Bank branch managers while protesting in front of their respective branches with a sign), and I worked to make some improvements.  Subsequent suggestions for even further improvements have been made (I don’t mind making revisions, but, I actually think it would be nice to have tons of people creating their own version of flyers as a form of self-expression and revolt). 

Meanwhile, I responded to Steve with some remarks about hidden cameras, but I also suggested that it’s probably going to be more effective to distribute the flyers to “everyone on the planet,” besides Chase (or at least in addition to, Chase).  I then indicated that I would create a list of ways to distribute flyers (without having to hand them to someone face-to-face).  I’ll start the list, and call upon site visitors to add other suggestions.  (I frankly am engaged in this fight because I think that what Chase is doing is flat-out unconscionable, so be open-minded about who may be concerned or in a position to influence others; it is essential to leverage the fact that one person might transmit the message to another, and another — you get the idea.)

You must see this situation much like the science fiction movies, “War of the Worlds”  or “Independence Day.”  Chase has the powerful weapons and intends to conquer and (economically enslave) the planet, and the only weapon we have is a virus.  In this situation, Chase’s “powerful weapons” are the media influence it exercises as a result of its tremendous ad spending capacity, and the fact that it manipulates the legal environment (with lobbying or “do-gooder projects,” while sweeping the stories about its victims under a rug).  Thus, we have to spread the word on the Internet, and via old fashioned word-of-mouth (also related to the term, “viral marketing”). 

Perfect example: Chase is spending heavily in The Orange County Register, and which newspaper seems to be ignoring this issue?

As I have been writing, a hit song from Paul Simon has been playing in my head, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” (I’d like to end up with a list of 50 ways to distribute flyers, thereby encouraging consumers to “Leave Their Chase Banker”).  So here’s a start:

Post on public bulletin boards (e.g., in grocery stores, on college campuses);

When mailing your payments for ordinary bills (such as a power bill), stuff one in the envelope (if you think it is processed by a human being);

After dining in a restaurant, leave one on the table (or better yet, if there’s a newspaper sitting around, place it inside — that way the flyer will probably circulate more widely);

If you take public transit, leave one in places where you (or other passengers) sit, wait, or ride;

A variation for “public transit,” in airports, leave them in waiting areas (an if you are flying, stick one inside the free air traveler magazines in the seat pocket in front of you);

Leave one in a public rest room (the way Chase acts — and gets away with it because it practically “owns the law and the media” reminds me of vulgar graffiti, anyway);

Send a flyer to any of Chase’s affinity partners (those with branded cards, with Chase, for instance);

Send a flyer to every bank or credit union in your town, other than Chase;

If you are visiting a doctor’s office, your dentist, etc., leave one in the waiting room (again, following the logic above about inserting flyers in newspapers, you may want to place it inside a magazine);

Send them to legislators (maybe with a respectful note: “Either you work to stop this abuse, or you will lose my vote for reelection”);

Leave one in a shopping cart (people will often opt for a cart with nothing in it, so the flyer will just sit in a cart — but the headline might grab some attention);

Send the flyer to any CPA (bookkeeper, accountant);

Send the flyer to individuals who provide financial planning or similar advice;

Some libraries and public buildings have places to post flyers;

If you identify “opinion leaders,” make sure they have a flyer;

If you are an alum from a university that happens to have partnered with Chase in selling credit cards, send one to your alumni association president, university president, and board members (they probably will care, if the relationship might lead to bad PR);

Send them to mortgage lenders (may be a long shot for people to refinance homes, but Chase has certainly given a reason to do so, if that is an option);

Okay, like I said, the above was a start; you all can keep going.  Please comment with more “creative ways” to spread the flyer, and our message to Chase: