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“Let them pay cash…”

Several weeks ago, Louis Roth and Margaret Conley of Binary Star Productions (who brought us the “Chaise Diet” film), and I enjoyed some time in a conference call with one another discussing possible short films as one means to mount a resistance against the abuses of credit card companies.  They have just released a new work entitled “Revolution.”

By the way, these “shorts” are produced on a low budget, so try to remember that their efforts–like those of revolutionaries before them–are meant to work at a grassroots level.  I think they’ve done a fabulous job (especially in light of not having the pizazz of a Hollywood-style budget), knowing a bit about what’s entailed “behind the scenes” (and reaching back to my film school days).

However, that’s really not the point.  Rather, the real point is that you need to support the fight by spreading the word, so that Louis and Margaret can continue with their work.

Please visit the YouTube site and promote the link(s) to their films.  Promoting their work means adding links to your ordinary outgoing emails, voting and commenting on the films, and if you are feeling really ambitious, contacting members of the media.

For that matter, after all we’ve been through thus far ( site visitors, contributors, and me), have you considered wearing a t-shirt today?  You can wear a free one that you make yourself, or one that is printed for you by CafePress (at a cost, with a portion of the proceeds supporting the continued operation of this site, and “spreading the word” at the same time).  We’re not pandering for money (those of us who are protesting, blogging and producing films, et cetera), but we can’t do this by ourselves.  So please, join the fight!