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Posts from ‘August, 2009’

Here is a list of pending class actions against Chase (not just the credit card issue — all kinds of them).

Yesterday evening, I received word from Class Advocate LLC, that they are tracking a list of pending class actions against Chase.  While the site is devoted to fighting abuses against consumers and small businesses by the credit card industry relative to its primary mission, we can’t help but notice that Chase is involved in […]


“50 Ways to Leave Your Chase Banker”

This post started because I was responding to “Steve,” who posed a question below my announcement about an updated protest flyer (which I have quoted here): “I would print out flyers and leave them outside a chase bank near me, but am afraid of hidden cameras. do they have any recourse?”  The updated flyer arose after “FightChase” contacted me and sent a […]


Updated Flyer for CHASE Protesters Posted

Chase protesters have been busy, taking their fight “to the streets.”  We are now posting an updated flyer (based on discussion started under the post entitled, “California Chase Branch Managers get lesson in freedom of speech — Motorists honk in support of protester!“). Please read the aforementioned post, and HELP!  Download the flyer (click on […]