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Chase class action lawsuit #14, filed by Green Welling LLP

Another class action lawsuit against Chase (#14) has been filed by Green Welling LLP: “PEGGY DURANT v. CHASE BANK USA, N.A. et al” (May 14, 2009).  I have been aware of this case as it has been developing, and I hope to post a link to the actual lawsuit (the link above, if you have not clicked as yet, refers to a search service that lists court filings). 

I have not had a chance to check in with Robert Green as of late, but it remains my understanding that some states might be more amenable to class action lawsuits than others (this is because these states may provide venues that are more likely to recognize mandatory arbitration as a rigged game, thereby allowing the means for a class action lawsuit to move forward).  Please visit a list of such states that may show more understanding of consumers’ dilemma (being trapped with no real recourse) on the Green Welling LLC site.

Some of you may recognize Peggy Durant’s name from appearances she has had in national media.  She and her husband, Tim (who own an entrepreneurial business — which makes their issues near and dear to my heart), were shown in a Wall Street Journal article (by Jane Kim, in which I was also quoted). 

Peggy was also the first person that I know of who has managed to score a “direct hit” in the national media against Chase by pointing out that its previous testimony about opt outs is inconsistent with the actions that it turned around and took against 400,000 customers (when it imposed an onerous and coercive change in terms notice with no opt out).  This was significant because the media have been irresponsible (or worse, perhaps purposely suppressing facts) in not investigating and reporting the discrepancy between the testimony and Chase’s about face in terms of its actions.  (Thanks to Alessandro, who transcribed Peggy’s remarks, here; the above link will lead to a video version.)

Having come to know Peggy through this whole debacle, I am honored to be acquainted with someone who has stepped forward to join the fight with such commitment.  I don’t think that I am revealing too much to suggest that she is a hero in my eyes.  Meaning, Peggy (like me and thousands of other affected account holders who have done nothing wrong), would rather not have this issue with Chase. 

Unfortunately, we were given no choice relative to what Chase did, but I know of many people who will not stand up and fight, publicly.  It is easier to watch someone else risk humiliation and defeat, instead of stepping into the arena.  Yet, Peggy has refused to “go quietly into the night,” and she has shown the courage to do battle with a monolithic corporation (which in my opinion I could likened to the “evil empire,” in Star Wars), including its media spin machine.  Peggy has thus far confronted Chase’s negative and hurtful campaign (which has been fully engaged in defaming all of us) head-on, and now she is a lead plaintiff. 

Chase “chose the dark side” and it does not seem to matter to its executives what damage it may do to individual consumers, small business owners, or an economy that depends on entrepreneurs

While Peggy is too humble, I don’t mind whatsoever promoting her heroism, or her small business.  Accordingly, if you are ever in Pennsylvania, please support Peggy’s bed and breakfast (see  Tell her I sent you, from the site, and use the promotional code: CIT-NO-OPT-OUT-CHASE.  (OK, I made this last part about the promotional code up, but I would not put it past Peggy to offer you a special rate, or at the very least an exceptionally gracious B & B stay.)

Meanwhile, Peggy, you and your family (Peggy’s brother is also battling cancer), are in my prayers.