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Posts from ‘June, 2009’

Another Exciting Episode in the on-going Chase “Twilight Zone Saga”

Ok, so we all know about the change-in-terms that Chase unilaterally foisted on 400,000 of its most credit worthy customers last January. And, by now, most of us have heard that some of these same customers had more than one Chase account – one of which was subjected to the egregious change-in-terms and one or […]


A low cost “2-3-4” assumable step-loan program would have prevented much of what has ailed us and what will be ailing us for decades

Incompetence, unethical behavior, and greed on the part of our government and the financial services industry started the real estate debacle in the first place, and have kept it going.  This is because rather than fixing the housing problem at the root of all of this economic pain, we’ve bailed out every other industry that the […]


Chase class action lawsuit #14, filed by Green Welling LLP

Another class action lawsuit against Chase (#14) has been filed by Green Welling LLP: “PEGGY DURANT v. CHASE BANK USA, N.A. et al” (May 14, 2009).  I have been aware of this case as it has been developing, and I hope to post a link to the actual lawsuit (the link above, if you have […]