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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Dr. Robert Lahm quoted in Business Week article, “About That New, ‘Friendly’ Consumer Contract.”

Brian Grow, a Senior Writer with Business Week magazine first contacted me in late February 2009, right around the time my wife was undergoing major surgery.  This was a very difficult situation, because our home in Tennessee has not sold, thus far, despite our best efforts.  A slow market is obvious, but our circumstances have […]


“The banks have shown that they can’t be trusted with the American economy. That’s generally been the case, but now it’s out in the open 350 billion dollars later.”

Recalling my previous post, “Chase gets 18 months to comply with new (Reg. Z) rules – But, customers should only need 15 days to comply with Chase’s new rules,” one should note that the ownership and control of the Federal Reserve is rife with inherent conflicts of interest (which have been controversial since its inception).  […]


Gearing up for new FED Rules — “is not going to be easy.”

In a comment from Barbara, she quoted the following statement attributed to Peter Garuccio, a spokesman for the American Bankers Association (ABA), originally taken from an article in the Washington Independent entitled, “Congress Delays Credit Card Reform“: “The changes will require card issuers to reprogram computers, retrain call-center employees, verify the legality of the new […]