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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Dealing with Chase? Prepare to enter “The Twilight Zone”

Just when you think it can’t get any more crazy….it does! In January, Chase, with no opt-out allowed, raised my (along with 400,000 other customers) payment from 2% ($416/month) to 5% ($1,025/month)….and has demanded payments at the same high 5% level ever since. This month the payment was $842….still more than twice as much as […]


CHASE SPOKESWOMAN is Speechless for Once!!!

Chase Spokeswoman, Stephanie Jacobson has never been at a loss for words. When asked to comment on the controversy, Ms. Jacobson never passed up an opportunity to denigrate the 400,000 Chase account holders who were and continue to be victims of Chase’s no-opt-out change in terms which served as the inspiration for this website. Thus, […]


I have a new hero – Cartoonist Stuart Carlson