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A special thanks: What I really need is more people like CyberCJH

A special thanks to CyberCJH, who has posted a supporter badge and incorporated an RSS feed from our site, directly on the CyberCJH blog.  Upon visiting, you’ll notice only three primary navigation links: “Home,” “About Me,” and “Chase Bank Lawsuit.”  Now that last one’s a really exciting thing to see, because the site is generally about all kinds of  consumer experiences.  I also love the artwork in the header (the word Chase, satirizes the Chase Bank brand):


Without support, this site and the cause we are fighting for, ending the abusive treatment of customers by credit card companies, cannot succeed.  I know from site statistics that we have a lot of traffic that webmasters (I am a webmaster by virtue of founding the site, but by no means should that connote mastery of the technology — I’m just a WordPress user) classify as “lurking.”  That means visiting, but not commenting or otherwise contributing. 

Site polls are an example of one way to have your voice heard, without committing to coming out in the open about your personal finances (speaking to lurkers here).  Please at least add a link to your personal emails (do NOT send SPAM), and pass along the eBooks and reports (because they can have a viral effect and spread the message).

I appreciate that many, many visitors do not want to come out publicly, as I have done, to fight this issue.  I know Martin Rodriguez felt that way, but his appearance in the New York Times (using a blow-up copy of the “3.99% fixed APR Until the balance is paid in full” image that I provided) helped to get this message out about Chase before the reading public.  However, this is the only way we will win — enough people must step forward (don’t expect legislation if the public is not “fired up” about these abuses by credit card companies).

I do want to thank the many people who contact me, and give me “insider information.”  Some times I feel like a reporter, who’s getting a hot lead about a developing story.  That being said, what I really need is more people like CyberCJH, even if they create an anonymous identity, to help with the work that is required to maintain the content this site (or work with me by linking externally, like CyberCJH blog site has done).


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