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Credit Card Fee, Rate Hikes Squeezing Customers – Another CBS 5 Investigative Report

Credit Card Fee, Rate Hikes Squeezing Customers

Anna Werner continues her investigation into credit card sleeze in this piece. Last week, CBS 5 invited affected credit card customers to their studio to follow up on her first two reports. Anna interviews this group of people who have all experienced shocking changes in terms from their credit card companies. Chase and Capital One are named numerous times throughout the broadcast. Take a look at comments on the response page which CBS 5 received after airing their report.

Kudos to Anna for staying on this story.  Anna has done impressive work in the past which resulted in national acclaim.  Let’s hope this story receives the same attention.

Excerpt from Anna’s bio” Anna Werner, one of the nation’s top investigative reporters, is the chief of CBS 5’s investigative unit. 

In 2008, Anna Werner was named “Reporter of the Year” by the Associated Press Television and Radio Association and was honored to also receive an Emmy as “Reporter of the Year” in Northern California.  These honors are among many Anna has received since joining CBS 5 in late 2004.”