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Posts from ‘March, 2009’

Chase to refund a charge that “is a finance charge,” but continues to coerce and defame 400,000 account holders

On March 27, 2009, a article by Marshall Eckblad announced partial good news for those of us who Chase “aimed at,” but I have some things to say because although I appreciate the small victory, we’re “not done yet.”  Unfortunately, this will be a “Long Kiss Goodnight.”  We must continue to refute a defamatory portrayal […]


“Got your stimulus money yet? The banks already have their hands out.”

The email below was received from (a project of Consumers Union, probably more widely known as the publisher of Consumer Reports).  Please visit the site, as it has nifty software with a pre-written (yet customizable) letter that you can send with push-button convenience.  The banks have been acting like greedy pigs, and its time […]


“Senate to tackle Credit Card Reform: Respond Now!”

I have reproduced the following very important message entitled, “Senate to tackle Credit Card Reform: Respond Now!,” from an email sent to me by Consumer Action: Consumer Action has learned that there will be a mark-up of Senator Chris Dodd’s bill (S 414) offering strong consumer protections on Tuesday, March 31. It’s really important for […]