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Kevin Johnson: “fighting for consumers who need bold agents of change to fight an industry rife with deception”

Having recently discovered Kevin Johnson’s site, I could not help but notice that he was a person who was an obvious kindred spirit in fighting credit card company abuses. 

According to his self-introduction, Kevin is “a small business owner who has recently assumed the role of consumer advocate and Internet activist.”  He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and that’s where I attended graduate school, and lived for several years.  So, I have already contacted him directly, and the next time I’m visiting, I plan to meet Kevin in person.

Like me, Kevin wants to create change, and he similarly challenges “what is wrong, unfair, and unjust in the credit card industry.”   Quoting from his site, however, even after receiving publicity, problems continue:

The producer of Good Morning America was overly confident that as a result of my story airing, American Express would restore my account to the way it was.  I am pretty sure that the show’s investigative reporting has a high success rate in undoing wrong done to a customer, but I was naïve to believe that my situation would change too.  

So, here I am 130 days after everything started and with nothing to show for my efforts as they relate to my own account. But I am not discouraged because this campaign has changed the thinking of millions of consumers and revealed the true essence of a poorly led company. In fact, the audacity of American Express’ lack of business ethics empowers me to continue fighting for consumers who need bold agents of change to fight an industry rife with deception.  

Please visit Kevin’s site,  I would say “join Kevin’s fight,” but he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with us, and against credit card industry abusiveness.  If even PR shame does not work, it must be time for regulation, as I have been saying for a while now.  Perhaps more importantly, Kevin is just another small business owner, among millions, who we as a society have failed to protect and nurture.  This failure, coupled with our tolerance thus far for outrageous injustices and incompetent practices on the part of financial services executives, is why we are suffering at the brink of total economic collapse.  This is everybody’s problem.  Not just Kevin’s, not just mine, all of us.


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