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CBS 5 Investigates + Another Class Action Lawsuit

Senate Hears Bay Area Man’s Credit Card Hassles

Investigative reporter Anna Werner has done a superb report on the Chase change in terms situation. Her latest report and the preceding one are probably the most accurate I have seen to date on the issue.

CBS5 is seeking input from others in the same situation as the subject of their report, “fixed loan” borrower Tim Sauer. Consumer attorney Sturdevant is bringing a class action lawsuit against Chase with Tim as the lead plaintiff. Attorney Sturdevant testified in front of the Senate Banking Committee this week about the egregious nature of Chase’s actions. Could this be lawsuit # 10 – or is Attorney Sturdevant on one of the lawsuits we already know about?

Yesterday’s story was a followup to a story CBS5 did on February 9 –

East Bay Man’s Credit Card Bill Doubles In A Month

Please read both stories, watch the videos and contact Reporter Anna Werner. I have emailed her to inform her about this website and to tell a little of my own Chase story. I also alerted her to the fact that the monthly $10 “service fee” slapped on our accounts is a finance charge. That was the only error I saw in the report. Chase refused to answer any of Anna’s questions. They issued a statement…. from Stephanie Jacobson, no doubt!

This story is continuing to gain traction. Let’s keep the pressure on.