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Chase Receives Patent for Fraud Protection Breakthrough

Hey, Check this out…..

Excerpt from 2/24/09 – Business Wire : Chase Receives Patent for Fraud Protection Breakthrough

Innovative “First Watch Intelligence” Protects Chase Customers from Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Building on its commitment to protect consumers, Chase Card Services, the credit card division of JP Morgan Chase & Co. [NYSE:JPM], announced that it recently received a patent from the United States Patent Office for its breakthrough fraud prevention technology, First Watch Intelligence….


I could use a little fraud protection from Chase. I want to be protected from the fraud that Chase perpetrated against me (and hundreds of thousands of their other good customers) in my “3.99% fixed interest until the balance is paid in full” loan. Gimme some of that patented “First Watch Intelligence” stuff ASAP.

In Brave New World-speak, Chase couched its 250% increase in the monthly payment requirement AND the new monthly $10 finance charge on promotional credit card loans as helping the customer get out of debt faster. I guess this new patent is building on that “commitment” . Please, no more helping me. I was doing just fine and I bet most of the others affected were too, without Nanny-Chase making decisions in their boardroom about how to allocate my income so they get a much bigger slice.

When Chase comes knocking with their slick promotions, chanting their much repeated mantra – “We’re from Chase and we’re here to help you!”RUN! Your pockets are about to be picked…AGAIN!


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