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Chase may treat you right, but only IF you are a BAD Customer!

Ecommerce Journal reports in an article entitled –

Heavy credit card debt? Your bank can help you!

Excerpt: “Let’s have a look at the peculiarities of forbearance programs from several banks. If you have a credit card from Chase, you can have an opportunity to restructure your debt by lowering interest rates, eliminating some fees and extending repayment terms. So if you have financial problems, contact Chase customer service department before you fall behind on payments. “

Chase is putting the squeeze on those customers who have never been late, never missed a payment, have high credit scores at the same time they are bailing out customers who are in financial difficulty.  Its moves may have the effect of causing financial difficulty to Chase’s best customers.  If so, do you think Chase will gladly bail us out, too?

I merely wanted to keep my interest rate the same, continue paying 2% of the outstanding balance every month, neither extend nor shorten my repayment terms and have no additional fees slapped on my account.  Despite persistent phone calls and protests, Chase insists these are impossible demands and refuses to bend at all unless I agree to doubling of my interest rate (which I refuse to do).