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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

Kevin Johnson: “fighting for consumers who need bold agents of change to fight an industry rife with deception”

Having recently discovered Kevin Johnson’s site, I could not help but notice that he was a person who was an obvious kindred spirit in fighting credit card company abuses.  According to his self-introduction, Kevin is “a small business owner who has recently assumed the role of consumer advocate and Internet activist.”  He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, […]


“What I would be doing when I grew up?” An astronaut, or “Bob the professor?”

I would not want to convey that dealing with abusive credit card companies has somehow been a pleasure, it has not.  I have also commented elsewhere that talking about my own personal financial circumstances before an ever increasing audience was not what I ever envisioned having to do when, as a young boy, I contemplated “what I […]


CBS 5 Investigates + Another Class Action Lawsuit

Senate Hears Bay Area Man’s Credit Card Hassles Investigative reporter Anna Werner has done a superb report on the Chase change in terms situation. Her latest report and the preceding one are probably the most accurate I have seen to date on the issue. CBS5 is seeking input from others in the same situation as […]