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Apparently, any answer from Chase will do as far as the BBB (of Delaware) is concerned

This whole situation really is exasperating.

Just this morning, I received a notice from the BBB in Delaware to the effect that my complaint against Chase has been “adequately resolved.” The BBB was apparently satisfied that Chase had made an attempt to work with me because it sent a letter offering me a 7.99% rate (doubling the current rate). Never mind that Chase previously promised 3.99% in its promotions and correspondence directly with me. So, apparently, any answer from Chase will do as far as the BBB is concerned.

I would remark that the BBB has some really cool online software for submitting a complaint, even though I think it may circumvent any need for humans to engage in sense-making (on the part of BBB representatives).

Let me guess, will the OCC soon send a similar note: “We have determined that Chase can engage in deceptive marketing practices, lie to customers, and lie before Congress,” as long as it sends a letter informing you (the customer) that it will gesture with an “olive branch” and provide an alternative (screwing you, by doubling the rate)?

It still causes me to wonder, is there still a sense of “right or wrong,” anymore?