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Chase Card Services “Rate Reduction for our most Valued Cardmembers”

Chase Card Services “Rate Reduction for our most Valued Cardmembers.” Click for the complete offer, front and back. “Hey, don’t worry, boss, we’ll sign a few hundred thousand up with this promo deal, they’ll throw away their copy of the whole ‘ting.  Then, in a couple of years, we can really put the screws to ’em — […]


Chase Card Services and a Class Action Lawsuit: “The complaint has been filed…”

“Patti” originally contacted me about a class action investigation, and I certainly hope she will enjoy this new post, courtesy of Chris. Thank you, “Patti,” and thank you, Chris! Chris has just informed me that, “The complaint has been filed…” This may take a while (most do), but at least one law firm has taken […]