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Posts from ‘December, 2008’

“Scripted messages,” on the part of Chase executives and spokespersons.

Remember I mentioned “scripted messages,” on the part of Chase executives and spokespersons in this post?  Do you honestly believe for one minute that in consideration of this site’s growing “Rant-roll,” the Chase statement by its former Card Services Division CEO is anything other than a bald-faced lie*: “We appreciate our customers, and we believe […]


Chase raises minimum payment: “premeditated” coercion

How does one demonstrate that Chase raised its minimum payment as a premeditated act of coercion, designed to enable a blatant campaign to switch consumers to higher rates (or otherwise place the account holder at a severe disadvantage)?  Before addressing this subject, let’s briefly review the term, “premeditation,” which is “characterized by fully conscious willful intent and […]


A lesson in executive logic (greed and sleaze at Chase)

I’ve been thinking about how to explain why Chase is blackmailing certain customers, forcing them by coercion into door number 1, 2, or 3, to the detriment of account holders (and millions of others), and the benefit of Chase (relative to its change in terms, effective January 1, 2009).  It’s quite simple, really, and it all boils down to […]